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Interior Designer 室內設計師
Once two years of long-distance journey has changed my new page of working journey. Recalling I went through the experience to re-pick up my books, the moment how frustrated to looking for a job after graduation. Fortunately, a transfer student like me could be able to step into the interior design industry by chance and worked with several interior design companies. Starting from meeting with clients, working out the design layout, and followed by the construction works, etc. which made me generate the foundation on how to manage a company.

I am glad to have a chance to establish our own company, JR Planning Studio. We used our strengths to face every challenge project by innovation, artistic, practicality, and reputation to obtain our customers’ satisfaction also grab the experience to grow up ourselves. I hope our company could become your trusted partner in coming future.


在一個偶然的機會下,成立了室內設計公司JR Planning Studio。我們藉著亙相發揮所長,為創新、為美觀、為實用、為聲譽不斷努力地挑戰每一個項目,務求令每位客人能夠滿意我們的作品之餘亦令公司有所成長。期望我們將來能夠成為你值得信賴的伙伴。


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